Seat Belt Safety For Surface Miners

Seat Belts Required

By:  The Mine Safety Institute, Part 46 New Miner Training

Part 46 On-Demand Training,  Video Sample of Seat Belt Safety

Seat Belt Safety

Seat Belt Safety For Surface Miners

One of the biggest dangers in mining is complacency. One of the common symptoms of complacency is failing to buckle one’s seat belt. Surface mines involve driving heavy machinery across steep and constantly changing, active terrain.

MSHA Inspectors carefully observe seatbelt use at mine sites – failure to wear a seatbelt is a citable offense!

Seat Belt Safety


  • Straps should fit snugly
  • Straps should go along your lap and across your chest
  • Straps should not have any rips, cracks or tears


  • Your buckle makes a click or other sound confirming fastening
  • Tug on strap to confirm fastening


  • Being thrown from a moving mining vehicle will kill you
  • Since 2007, 35 fatalities occurred
    when miners were not wearing their
    seat belt