Water Truck Safety – For Surface Mines

By:  The Mine Safety Institute, Task Training

Water Trucks Reduce Dust But Can Also Create Mud And Puddles.

Water trucks are trucks equipped with a water tank and a sprinkling attachment designed to settle dust on the mine site. Water trucks carry huge weight, many with a capacity of 11,000 gallons, in order to haul water efficiently around the mine site. Make sure the weight of the water does not exceed the capacity of the truck.

While operating a water truck seems easy enough, it’s important to have situational awareness so that water trucks don’t go from reducing airborne hazards to creating physical and environmental hazards.

Water Truck Safety Tips

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    • Mud creates a slipping hazard and makes it harder to work at the mine.
    • Make sure you know how to adjust the spray nozzles on the truck.
    • Make sure that the sprays from each nozzle don’t overlap each other. Overlapping spray can create mud.
    • Avoid spraying near mine exits so that haul trucks don’t go onto main roads with muddy tires.
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  • Puddles create potholes and erosion.
  • Don’t overspray hills and slopes to avoid erosion.
  • Start spraying after starting to drive and stop spraying before braking to avoid creating puddles.
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  • Plan your route around the scheduled mine activities for the day. Water trucks play a supporting role and should not get in the way of mine operations.
  • Avoid spraying equipment and people.
  • If everything is wet, wait until it dries to start spraying again.
  • Shaded areas take longer to dry and should be watered less than sunny areas.