U.S. Mining Fatalities in 2018 Were Second Lowest on Record

U.S. Mining Fatalities in 2018 Information

The Mine Safety Health Administration (MSHA) reports there are close to 250,000 miners work in 12,000 metal/nonmetal mines, and 83,000 miners work in 1,200 across the United States. In these operations, 27 fatalities occurred in 2018 – the second lowest number ever recorded. 18 fatalities occurred at surface operations, 9 fatalities took place at underground mines.

See the report here: https://www.msha.gov/news-media/press-releases/2019/01/09/us-mining-fatalities-2018-were-second-lowest-record

13 deaths or 48% of the 2018 fatalities were caused by powered haulage. Learn more about MSHA’s Powered Haulage Safety Initiative here:  https://www.msha.gov/news-media/special-initiatives/2018/05/31/powered-haulage-safety-initiative