50.2 Definitions

As used in this part: (a) Mine means: (1) An area of land from which minerals are extracted in nonliquid form or, if in liquid form, are extracted with workers underground (2) private ways and roads appurtenant to such area, and (3) lands, excavations, underground passageways, shafts, slopes, tunnels and workings, structures, facilities, equipment, machines, tools, or …

56.11002 Handrails and toeboards

Crossovers, elevated walkways, elevated ramps, and stairways shall be of substantial construction provided with handrails, and maintained in good condition. Where necessary, toeboards shall be provided.

56.14107 Moving machine parts

(a) Moving machine parts shall be guarded to protect persons from contacting gears, sprockets, chains, drive, head, tail, and takeup pulleys, flywheels, couplings, shafts, fan blades, and similar moving parts that can cause injury. (b) Guards shall not be required where the exposed moving parts are at least seven feet away from walking or working …

56.12006 Distribution boxes

Distribution boxes shall be provided with a disconnecting device for each branch circuit. Such disconnecting devices shall be equipped or designed in such a manner that it can be determined by visual observation when such a device is open and that the circuit is deenergized, the distribution box shall be labeled to show which circuit …

56.9101 Operating speeds and control of equipment

Operators of self-propelled mobile equipment shall maintain control of the equipment while it is in motion. Operating speeds shall be consistent with conditions of roadways, tracks, grades, clearance, visibility, and traffic, and the type of equipment used.