Stay Healthy During The Holidays

Mine Safety During The Holidays

By:  The Mine Safety Institute, Part 46 New Miner Training

Mining During The Holidays For Surface Miners

Mining during the parties, ‘er holidays

Family, togetherness, joy…….. late nights, eggnog with rum, added emotional stress…. The holidays are a wonderful, and challenging, time. The thing is, no matter the season, you still need to be your most alert because accidents happen when we are distracted, tired or even just impatient for a shift to end.
We know that you know all of this. However, this is the season when we all could use a reminder about how important it is to stay the course as our best selves.

Healthy Miners During The Holidays


  • Go to bed on time before a shift.
  • Fatigue impairs our performance and can contribute to serious accidents.
  • No one likes missing out on special moments during the holidays, but mining hazards don’t know it’s Christmas or New Years.


  • Enjoy your family time, but leave it at home. Stress and distraction equal accidents.
  • For some family time is joyous, for others, it’s not. Either way, focus on work at work.


  • More drinking happens during the holidays.  Don’t be hungover during your shift.
  • Match every alcoholic drink with equal amounts of water.
  • Never drive under the influence at any time.  Use a rideshare service like uber or lyft if you don’t have a friend or family member to take you home.