Man Lift Safety

Man Lift Safety

By:  The Mine Safety Institute, Part 46 New Miner Training

Man Lift Safety For Surface Miners

Man Lifts Not Drops

Cherry pickers, aerial lifts, bucket lifts…….man lifts have a lot of aliases but the dangers in using them remain the same. The outcome of an accident with a man lift is generally death.

Being so high in the air is obviously dangerous, but there are hidden variables involved in using a man lift which are what require attention in order to maximize safety.

Man Lift Safety Tips

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  • Stay anchored with a tether, harness  or lanyard.
  • Both feet stay firmly on the platform.
  • Keep the truck parked when the  basket is in use.
  • Use a fall arrest system (FAS) and  guardrails.
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  • Keep the lift at least 10 ft. from power lines under 50kv and further when over 50kv.
  • Treat all lines as active even if you think they are off or are fallen.
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  • Park the truck on a secure and level surface.
  • Don’t overload the lift.
  • Figure the load weight by accounting for EVERYTHING going in the lift including people, tools, materials…. EVERYTHING.
  • If there are outriggers USE THEM.
  • Always use brakes and wheel chocks.