Protect Your Hands – Mechanic Safety On The Mine Site

Protect Your Hands – Mechanic Safety On The Mine Site

By:  The Mine Safety Institute, Task Training

MSHA Safety Training

Hand Safety for Mechanics at Surface Mines

Your Hands Are Your Livelihood, Take Care Of Them

40% of all mechanics’ injuries are to the hands. Protecting them is as
important as it is easy to take them for granted. Hand injuries are not
only common, but they stop you from being able to do your job.
Mechanics at surface mines get thrown into a lot of varied situations.
It’s important to keep the safety of your hands at the front of your

A key question is to always ask yourself if there’s a better way to do
what you’re doing that is easier on your body.

Hand Protection Tips



  • Wear the right gloves for the task.
  • Protect against injury due to heat and chemicals.
  • Insulate against cold (cold reduces both dexterity and strength.)
  • Proper fit- too tight will put undue pressure on your hands.
  • Proper fit- too loose will create loss of strength and dexterity.


  • Be mindful of repetitive motions. They cause tendon strain and muscle fatigue, especially in cold temps .
  • Minimize to prevent long term injury.
  • Bend the tool, not your wrist.
  • A pinch gripped tool requires 5x of your strength than a power grip.
  • Exposure to excessive vibration can cause long term injury.


  • Make sure your body is comfortably and securely seated before working with your hands above your head or your elbows above your shoulders.
  • Adjust the workspace around you to reduce cramped positioning.
  • When working for prolonged periods in a twisted or bent position, take a break when you can and stretch when done.  Yoga isn’t just for office workers.