MSHA Part 46 Spanish (3rd Edition)


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The award-winning New Miner Training, 3rd edition, DVD is a must-have for your organization. This important training tool includes all the information you need on meeting Mining Health and Safety Administration requirements, with additional information on diesel particulate matter, wellness, silica, and first aid.

The user-friendly DVD allows you to work through the program, and you can stop when needed. You’ll find it easy to access again as a “returning user” to complete the training. If you need to retake a session, simply return to the beginning of the test section and start again.

Once you have successfully completed all the sections in the New Miner Training course, you will receive a certificate of completion, which displays the time spent on each module and total time spent in the program. Finally, print a full-size certificate for your records and a smaller size for your wallet.

Available in Spanish

This outstanding program is now available in Spanish as a DVD for computers. All on-screen graphics and audio are in Spanish. There is an “English” button on each screen that allows a supervisor or trainer to see the English version of the content showing on the screen. This is especially helpful if the trainee has a question about information showing on the screen. The Certificate of Completion is printed in English.

Third Edition

The Third Edition of the Part 46 New Miner Training Spanish Language Edition is available as a DVD.

Part 46 New Miner Training—Third Edition has been updated to include…

  1. New look and updated programming
  2. New audio and videos are 25% larger
  3. Updated information and additional topics
  4. Allows you to exit the program and return to the screen you left from
  5. The Certificate of Completion gives the total time spent in the program and the time spent on each module
  6. Optional wallet-size certificate
  7. The Certificate of Completion gives the total time spent in the program and the time spent on each module

System Requirements

  1. PC Compatible Pentium ™II 233MHz 24 MB of RAM
  2. 4X CD-ROM 800 x 600 screen resolution 16 bit color
  3. Soundcard w/speakers or headphones
  4. QuickTime™ Installer included in package


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