MSHA Operator’s Guide


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This computer DVD is designed to help surface metal/non-metal mine owners, operators, supervisors, and managers navigate through MSHA’s requirements, including MSHA inspections, violations, and penalties, and reports and record keeping.

Includes detailed training on MSHA requirements. Modules include:

  1. About MSHA
  2. Legal Liability
  3. MSHA Inspections
  4. Violations
  5. Penalties
  6. Data Retrieval
  7. Training Requirements
  8. Training Records Part 50 Requirements
  9. Independent Contractors
  10. Workers’ Compensation
  11. Required Forms and Record Keeping
  12. Quick Reference

Most modules include a “quick access” menu that allows you to access any part of that module quickly

MSHA Inspections gives helpful information about what to expect during an MSHA inspection and the practices that should be followed. Violations reviews the types of violations, including S & S and Pattern of Violations. Penalties discusses the formula used to calculate penalties and the six factors that are considered. It follows an example through the process and shows how small changes can make a big difference in the penalty assessed.

The Required Forms and Record Keeping module includes training on 27 MSHA forms and record keeping requirements. It provides sample forms for most records that require forms that aren’t specified by MSHA. Topics include:

  1. Part 40 Representative of Miners
  2. Part 41 Legal ID
  3. Part 45 Contractor Legal ID
  4. Part 46 Training Plan
  5. Part 46 Training Records
  6. Part 47 HazCom Policy
  7. Part 47 Hazardous Chemical List
  8. Part 47 MSDS
  9. Part 50 Form 7000-1
  10. Part 50 Form 7000-2
  11. Part 56 Mine Property Start-Up and Shut Down
  12. Part 56 Highwall Inspections
  13. Part 56 Fire Extinguisher Inspections
  14. Part 56 Emergency Evacuation
  15. Part 56 Dust Program
  16. Part 56 Respiratory Protection
  17. Part 56 Lock-out/Tag-out Policy
  18. Part 56 Testing Grounding Systems
  19. Part 56 Work Place Examinations
  20. Part 56 Pre-Shift Equipment Examinations
  21. Part 56 Examination of Working Places
  22. Part 56 First Aid Training
  23. Part 56 Examination of Wire Ropes
  24. Part 56 Drug and Alcohol Policy
  25. Part 62 Noise Program
  26. Part 62 Hearing Conservation Plan
  27. Confined Spaces

The Quick Reference Guide provides a one-page summary of 32 required MSHA forms or records that summarizes the form, links to the standard, links to the form if one is specified by MSHA, details the time frame for the form and how long it needs to be retained, lets you type in the location of the form at the mine, and it gives site instructions that may be helpful. Each screen allows you to enter your notes that pertain to that form. These notes are saved and can be printed if desired.

System Requirements

  1. PC Compatible Pentium ™II 233MHz 24 MB of RAM
  2. 4X CD-ROM 800 x 600 screen resolution 16 bit color
  3. Soundcard w/speakers or headphones
  4. QuickTime™ Installer included in package


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