11 09 Injuries - Burns

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11.7.26 – First Aid – Recognizing & Reacting to Emergency Situations

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Bullet Points :

  • Burns: Caused by heat, chemicals or electrical current

  • Call for medical help if:
    The person has trouble breathing
    Has burns on more than one part of the body
    The burn was caused by chemicals, explosion or electricity

  • Burn care:
    Put out flames or remove heat source
    Use running water to cool the burned area until the burning stops
    Loosely bandage the burned area with dry, clean dressings to help prevent infection

  • Minor burn care:
    Wash with soap and water
    May apply antibiotic ointment
    Cover the burned area

  • Severe Burns:
    Call 911 or your workplace emergency number immediately
    Have the victim lie down with the burned area raised above the heart level

  • Chemical Burns:
    Call for help immediately
    Flush chemical burns with large amounts of cool running water until help arrives

  • Electrical Burns:
    Call for help immediately
    Don't go near the person until you are sure they are not still in contact with the power source
    Check for life-threatening conditions
    Cover the burned area with a cleaned, dry dressing

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