56.14132 Horns and backup alarms

(a) Manually-operated horns or other audible warning devices provided on self-propelled mobile equipment as a safety feature shall be maintained in functional condition.

(b)(1) When the operator has an obstructed view to the rear, self-propelled mobile equipment shall have—

(i) An automatic reverse-activated signal alarm;

(ii) A wheel-mounted bell alarm which sounds at least once for each three feet of reverse movement;

(iii) A discriminating backup alarm that covers the area of obstructed view; or

(iv) An observer to signal when it is safe to back up.

(2) Alarms shall be audible above the surrounding noise level.

(3) An automatic reverse-activated strobe light may be used at night in lieu of an audible reverse alarm.

(c) This standard does not apply to rail equipment.