46.7 New task training

(a) You must provide any miner who is reassigned to a new task in which he or she has no previous work experience with training in the health and safety aspects of the task to be assigned, including the safe work procedures of such task, information about the physical and health hazards of chemicals in the miner’s work area, the protective measures a miner can take against these hazards, and the contents of the mine’s HazCom program. This training must be provided before the miner performs the new task.

(b) If a change occurs in a miner’s assigned task that affects the health and safety risks encountered by the miner, you must provide the miner with training under paragraph (a) of this section that addresses the change.

(c) You are not required to provide new task training under paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section to miners who have received training in a similar task or who have previous work experience in the task, and who can demonstrate the necessary skills to perform the task in a safe and healthful manner. To determine whether task training under this section is required, you must observe that the miner can perform the task in a safe and healthful manner.

(d) Practice under the close observation of a competent person may be used to fulfill the requirement for task training under this section, if hazard recognition training specific to the assigned task is given before the miner performs the task.

(e) Training provided under this section may be credited toward new miner training, as appropriate.

[64 FR 53130, Sept. 30, 1999, as amended at 67 FR 42382, June 21, 2002]